DyeMansion, the Munich-based global leader in finishing systems for 3D-printed parts, has selected Europac3D as their UK distributor.  The agreement will see Europac 3D offer the full range of Dyemansion machines to the UK market and helps deliver Europac’s strategy of being the one stop shop for all 3D printing, scanning and post-production requirements.

DyeMansion’s product portfolio is made up of three key additive manufacturing finishing systems, the first of which is Powershot C. Powershot C is a highly efficient blasting system which is able to automatically remove excess powder from 3D printed parts. One run takes about 10 minutes and can replace up to four manual blasting systems, bringing significant savings on both time and manpower.

DyeMansion’s DM60 provides an industrial coloring system for 3D-printed plastics. SLS printed parts in raw white material can be dyed using three different colour options: 17 DyeMansion standard colours, RAL/Pantone colours and customised corporate colour options. All HP printed parts can be dyed black using the DM60. The DM60 colouring system takes just two hours to dye parts and once completed automatically drains the system, leaving parts dry and ready for extraction and immediate use.

With the ability to deliver precision coloring and high quality post-production finishes for even the most exact specifications, DyeMansion has quickly established itself as the global leader in additive manufacturing finishing systems for 3D-printed polymer parts.


The third and final stage in DyeMansion’s post-production portfolio is Powershot S – a sophisticated PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) technology which delivers a homogeneous surface quality. Powershot S transforms porous, vulnerable powder-based plastics into long-lasting, finished products, with the improved surface quality of the parts enabling a consistent distribution of the color. The polished surfaces and pleasant aesthetics produced by Powershot S means that Europac3D is able to offer its customers the very best quality, high-value 3D printed products.

Felix Ewald, CEO and Founder of DyeMansion, comments: “Our vision is to turn industrial 3D-printed parts into high-value finished products. Our three-step ‘Print-to-Product’ workflow enables scaling from prototyping to short run manufacturing and thus closes the manufacturing gap. We are delighted to be partnering with Europac 3D who are a proven and trusted player in the industry and can help us deliver a first-class customer experience to DyeMansion customers in the UK.”

John Beckett, Managing Director of Europac3D, comments; “DyeMansion’s post-production systems are worldclass and add the all important finish to additive manufacturing. Their systems are perfect for companies or 3D print bureaus that have multiple SLS or HP 3D printers and allow us to extend our offer by providing market leading additive manufacturing finishing systems for 3D-printed polymer parts.”

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