PA11 Nylon

PA11 Nylon 3D Print Material

Strong, Flexible Production Parts

PA11 Nylon produces strong flexible parts with excellent surface finish and detail.It is tensile, durable, high impact resistant and has high elongation at break. These properties make PA11 Nylon an excellent choice for ‘snap fit’ plastic parts and those that require a high degree of flex such as prostheses,orthotic insoles, sports goods,  living hinges, and more.

Many thousands of parts can be manufactured in just one 12 hour print build, making it ideal for volume production runs of ‘end-use’ parts.

The parts are similar to those familiar with SLS additive parts, however with the added benefit of having isotropic properties in all X, Y and Z directions. The Jet Fusion Process produces parts that have excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

The HP Jet Fusion build process is self supporting and therefore negates the need for complex support structures during the build process. Highly detailed parts, with complex internal geometries can be built with ease.

  • Large Volume production Runs

  • Watertight

  • Excellent Temperature Resistance

  • Strong Flexible Parts

  • Biocompatible

  • Low Cost

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