Kreon Ace – 6 Axis

Kreon Portable 3D Measurement Arms push the boundaries of CMM metrology solutions with Ace Range of High Precision Measurement Arms.

Kreon Ace Portable 3D Measuring Arm

The 6  Axis Ace range of measurement arms designed specifically for high accuracy probing applications that require a robust, reliable and ergonomic portable CMM.

Kreon Ace – 7 Axis

The Ace range of 7 axis arms offers a highly reliable robust scanning arm for reverse engineering and inspection processes.

Kreon Ace Portable 3D Measurement Arms

The all new ACE+ offers improved accuracy and precision to the Ace range of 7 axis measuring arms. ISO10360-12 Certification, specific to arms, ensures consistent and reliable measurements during the arms life-cycle.

Kreon Baces Portable 3D Measurement Arms

Kreon Baces Portable 3D Measurement Arms offer an affordable touch probing solution for part component inspection.

Baces Portable Measuring Arm Europac 3D

The Kreon Baces range of measurement arms are an excellent choice for those looking for a lower cost entry level portable CMM. Arm reach extending up to 4.6m gives a large measurement volume for use in applications such as large fabrication, marine, gas and oil industries.