Kreon Portable CMM – 6 Axis

Kreon Portable CMM

Thermo-regulated for better accuracy regardless of ambient temperature


Carbon fibre constructed arm


Internal counterbalance system allowing for a lightweight feel and low fatigue during use.


Ergonomic grip for comfortable use


Renishaw probe joint for extremely repeatable and high accuracy probe changes on ‘the fly’


Wifi connectivity to the PC


Integrated battery for portability, Upto 4hrs scanning or 8 hours probing

Kreon Ace Portable CMM – 6 Axis

The 6 Axis Kreon Portable CMM arm range is the perfect choice for  contact measurement applications that require high accuracy and repeatability. Resolution starts at 0.010mm which enables this arm to be used for quality control inspection tasks with tight tolerances such as machined components.

Thermally controlled carbon fibre construction means the ace arm can be pulled out of it’s case and is immediately ready for use. A high accuracy kinematic Renishaw joint enables the ‘hot swapping’ of different probe types and lengths without the need for re-calibration.

An integrated battery pack and wireless communication means the 6 axis Kreon CMM is a truly portable device which can be quickly and easily transported to any location on the shop floor.

  • 10 micron accuracy

  • Thermo-regulation accuracy

  • High Accuracy Touch Probing

  • Kinematic Hot Swap Probes

  • Integrated Battery

  • WIFI Enbaled

Quality Control and Inspection

Over 20 different compatible measuring software available.

Kreon has a completely open policy with regards measurement software  and therefore can offer over 20 different solutions from around the world.

  • Polyworks Inspector, Geomagic Control, Metrolog, Spatial Analyzer and Aberlink
  • Flexible software solutions gives the widest range of software choice available on the market.
  • Niche applications catered for such as blade and tube inspection.
Kreon 6 Axis PCMM

Key Specifications


Sphere Measurement Error


Length Measurement Error


First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection of components to ensure all Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances have been achieved.

First Article Inspection

Kreon Ace Arm Sizes Europac 3D

Arm Sizes

Starting at 2m and going up to a 4.5m spherical volume Kreon have listened to the needs of their customers and created a range of 3D scanning arms to suit most industries and applications.

Sector Suitability


Technical Specifications

Ace 6 AxisAxesWorking VolumeP Size
Size Error on a Sphere
P Form
Form Error on Sphere
L Dia
Articulated Location Error
Single Point Articulation Tets
E Uni
Length Measurement Error
Ace 6-2062.0 m0.010mm0.016mm0.033mm0.020mm0.035mm
Ace 6-2562.5 m0.012mm0.019mm0.038mm0.025mm0.039mm
Ace 6-3063.0 m0.018mm0.028mm0.053mm0.033mm0.058mm
Ace 6-3563.5 m0.021mm0.037mm0.068mm0.042mm0.070mm
Ace 6-4064.0 m0.025mm0.043mm0.086mm0.051mm0.082mm
Ace 6-4564.5 m0.029mm0.048mm0.100mm0.069mm0.090mm

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