Artec Micro II 3D Scanner UK

Artec Micro II

3 Axis Rotational Scanning Platform


4 x 13MP Cameras


Artec Micro II – Compact Desktop 3d Scanner


Scan Platform can 3D scan parts up to 20cm

UK Artec Gold Partner

Artec Micro II 3D Scanner

High Precision 5 micron 3D Scanning with volume up to 20cm

The all new Artec Micro II is the latest high accuracy desktop 3D scanner from Artec3D. The 3D scanner can achieve an incredible accuracy of 5 microns for capturing small objects such as jewellery, dentistry, industrial turbine blades and gears.

Parts can be 3d scanned simply by using the ‘one click’ workflow. The intelligent system can figure out the necessary angles to 3D  scan a part, utilising all 3 rotational axes at its disposal.

The extremely fast system can capture up to 140 million points per second to achieve unrivalved accuracy and resolution perfect for reverse engineering and metrology applications.


Or £395 Per Month

Indicative 48 months with VAT Deposit

  • 5 micron accuracy

  • Automatic Part Scanning

  • Blue LED for shiny surfaces

  • Automatic Calibration

  • 4 x 13MP Cameras

  • 2 Year Warranty

Features of Artec Micro II Desktop 3D Scanner

Artec Micro II 13MP Cameras

4 x 13 MP Cameras

Equipped with 4 high resolution cameras for picked the samllest of details

Artec Micro II Deep Scan

Deep Scan

4 strategically placed cameras enable the deep scan capture of the smallest nooks and crannies.

Artec Micro II Jewellery Scan

High Res Colour Capture

Visualise your objects in full colour with the in-built 24BPP capture cameras.

One Click Scanning

‘One Click’ Scanning

Automated 3D Scan routines, utilising all 3 axes of movement.

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Small Object Scanning

Fine Precision at Volumes up to 200mm

The Artec Micro II provides effortless 3d scanning  of small parts, less than volumes of 200 x 200 x150mm. The one button click operation creates for a hassle free programming process, just mount the part and let the intelligent scan system from Artec3D do the rest!

After your part has been captured, Artec Studio software offers the capability to quickly either inspect or reverse engineer the component. Or alternatively the data can be exported to third party software for further analysis.

Seamless Software Integration

The Artec Micro II 3D scanner works seamlessly with Artec Studio software for fast automated capture of small jewellery, dental and industrial objetcs. Export 3d mesh (STL) files into a variety of metrology and reverse engineering software such as Polyworks Inspector, Control X and Design X for downstream processing.
Artec Micro Studio Software


3D Inspection Against CAD Model

Compare dimensions and overlay 3D Scan data in comparison to native CAD Models with the Artec Micro.

Inspection 3D Scanning

Reverse Engineering

Create Parametric CAD models and drawings from scan data for parts that have no legacy dimensional information.

Reverse Engineering

Jewellery 3d Scanning

Capture the most intricate of details, the Artec Micro is the ideal partner for jewellery 3d scanning that requires high resolution for a small volume pieces. The Artec Micro is a compact desktop system that is a valuable addition to CAD/CAM and 3d printing workflows.

Jewellery 3D Scanning

Dental Models

The Artec Micro 3D scanner fits perfectly for dental labs, a compact desktop system that accurately captures single teeth, arches and impressions. Pair up with one of Europac3D’s printers for a clear aligner production workflow.

Dental 3D Scanning

Sector Suitability

Quality Inspection
Reverse Engineering

Technical Specifications

FeatureArtec Micro II
Accuracy5 Microns
Repeatability3 Microns
Accuracy CertificationISO12836
Colour Capture24 BPP
Camera4 x 13MP Cameras
Scanning Volume200 x 200 x 150mm
Data Aquisition speed1 million points per second
Scanner Size396 x 405 x 337mm
Light SourceRGB LED
Output Data FormatSTL, OBJ, WRML
Moving Stage3 Axis CNC
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Weight12 KG

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