Uniontech Pilot Series SLA 3D Printers



The Pilot 250 and 450 SLA 3D printers from Uniontech are a fantastic choice for high quality small/medium sized components in the prototyping sector. A beam size of 0.08-0.12mm and layer thickness as low as 0.05mm create highly detailed parts with excellent surface finish.

Open Source Application Driven 3D Printing

Uniontech have taken a unique approach to the market with a completely open source system  with regards to software and more importantly additive manufacturing materials. This approach allows Europac3D to focus purely on the customer requirements and offer material solutions that meet the precise demands of the application, such as medical grade components, high temperature resistance and high impact strength.

Uniontech Pilot Series SLA 3D printers

High quality components sourced from around the world such as Panasonic, Spectra Physics, DSM and Advanced Optowave


Granite Recoater Frame helps create high quality parts with excellent sidewall properties and small details


Open Source platform with regards to materials allows for application driven sales


Isotropic strength in XYZ


Scanning Speed of 12-15 m/s


High quality mechanical build

  • Scanning Speed Up to 12 m/s

  • Granite Recoater for enhanced sidewall quailty

  • Low Operation and Maintenace Costs

  • Open Source Materials including DSM Somos

  • Layer thickness as low as 0.05mm

  • Automatic control of surface level and processing parameters

Uniontech Pilot Series SLA

Uniontech Pilot 250

A new dimension in SLA 3D printing.

Uniontech Pilot 250

250 x 250 x 250 mm

3D Printing Volume

High Accuracy and surface quality combine, producing class-leading SLA parts at the entry level industrial 3d printer from Uniontech.

Uniontech Pilot 450

Mid-sized industrial SLA rapid manufacturing.

Uniontech Pilot 450

450 x 450 x 450 mm

3D printing Volume

Industrial strength capabilities in a compact machine with open source material choice..

Somos Taurus SLA



DSM Somos materials have been 25 years in the making, a deep understanding of the complex and demanding applications that different industries demand has created class leading high performance materials for many different industry verticals such as tooling, investment casting, high temperature or end-use parts.

Leading SLA System on the market

Uniontech’s unique approach to the market allowing a free and open 3d printing system allows for Europac3D to bring together an SLA printer that delivers the highest quality parts that are precise and have extremely good sidewall quality. The combination of Uniontech build quality and Somos high performance materials delivers a system that raises the bar in the SLA market.

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Versatile Application Range · High Accuracy · Excellent Surface Aesthetics

Key Specifications

8 Micron

Positional Z Accuracy

12 m/s

Max Scanning Speed


Nominal Beam Size


3D Print Preparation Software

Polydevs Software for a cost effective software for all you 3D print prepeartion needs

  • Repair STL mesh files into solid watertight models.
  • Create advanced support structure for SLA build strategies
  • Automatcially nest multiple parts on the print bed for fast build preparation
  • Create lattice structures to lightweight parts.
  • Split and cut parts that do not fit on the build platform
  • Check wall thickness to analyse printability
  • Fast, reliable and extremely easy to use.
3D Print Preparation Software

Technical Specifications

FeaturePilot 250Pilot 450
Build Envelope250 x 250 x 250mm450 x 450 x 450mm
Accuracy+/- 25 Microns up to 25.4mm Part

+/- 0.1% x L (for parts greater then 25.4mm)

+/- 25 Microns up to 25.4mm Part

+/- 0.1% x L (for parts greater then 25.4mm)

Maximum Part Weight
17.5 KG35 KG
Scanning Speed6-10 m/s (12 m/s Max.)
6-10 m/s (12 m/s Max.)
Beam Size0.12-0.2mm Standard
0.06-0.08mm Small
0.08-0.12mm Standard
Layer Thickness0.05-0.25mm0.05-0.25mm
Machine Weight775KG1085kg
Machine Size (W x D X H)1105 x 1052 x 1965mm1331 x 1368 x 2140mm
LaserSolid-state frequency tripled Nd:YVO4
354.7mm wavelength
Solid-state frequency tripled Nd:YVO4
354.7mm wavelength
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 10 Windows 7, Windows 10
ProtocolEthernet, IEEE 802.3 using TCP/IP and NFSEthernet, IEEE 802.3 using TCP/IP and NFS
Laser Warranty5000 hours or 15 months5000 hours or 15 months
Power (Nominal)Typically 250 ~350mW (@100kHz) on the target surface of the material under nominal optical path conditionTypically 250 ~350mW (@100kHz) on the target surface of the material under nominal optical path condition

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A little bit about SLA Stereolithography

SLA is an additive manufacturing process that works by focusing an ultra violet (UV) laser onto a vat of photopolymer resin.

The laser is used to draw a pre-programmed design on to the surface of vat of resin. The UV curable resin is solidified by the laser to build parts layer by layer whilst joining it to the layer below. Once a layer is completed the platform is lowered by amount equal to the depth of one layer. This allows the re-coater blade to sweep across the vat, spreading a layer of fresh resin and the whole process is repeated.

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