Messpunkte Photogrammetry Targets

Messpunkte Photogrammetry Targets

White and Retroflective targets for optical measurement and 3d scanning systems

Messpunkte offers high quality, German made, photogrammetry targets for use with optical measuement and 3D scanning tracking devices. Developed by 3d scanning experts as alternative to expensive OEM products (eg. Creaform, Gom, Zeiss, Hexagon), Messpunkte focuses on manufacturing high quality tracking targets at volumes large enough to pass the cost savings to the end user.

Messpunkte retroreflective targets are highly reflective markers, which means they can be measured from extremely shallow angles. Furthermore a unique coating allows for quick and easy removal after an object has been 3d scanned.

Messpunkte white targets are the most cost effective solution for creating  optical measurment co-ordinate systems at a price point much lower than comparable OEM products.