Quicksurface Reverse Engineering

Fast & Easy Reverse Engineering Software for all part types.

Quicksurface offers a powerful toolset for converting polygon mesh models into usable parametric, hybird and freeform CAD models.

  • Import triangulated mesh models and PTX point clouds
  • Automatically extract geometry such as planes, cylinders, cones etc from 3D Scan Data
  • Align meshes into usable geometric co-ordinate systems.
  • Create parametric 2d sketches,using the mesh as a reference object to ‘trace’ over.
  • Standard parametric modelling functions including extrude, revolve, cut, fillet and boolean etc.
  • Accuracy checking at all stages of CAD modelling process.
  • Quickly create freeform quad surfaces for non-parametric shapes
  • Automatic surface extraction for completely organic shapes.
  • Export models as IGES and STEP or transfer with full history tree into Solidworks
Quicksurface reverse engineering