Mimaki Full Colour Polymer

Mimaki Full Colour Photo Polymer Resin

The world’s first inkjet printer with over 10 million colours

Discover the brilliant vibrance of Mimaki full colour 3D printing technologies, the 3DUJ-553 offers a large print bed volume of 500 x 500 x 300mm and  can produce parts with build layers as low as 20 microns.

The MH100 Photo Polymer resin prodcuces plastic parts with ‘ABS like’ properties with over 10 million colours covering approximately 84% of Fogra39L and 90% of swop colours. The combination of incredible detail and full colour 3d printing makes the Mimaki a great choice for those looking to produce full colour prototypes, figurines, characters, props, architecural and medical models.

For advanced requests where transparency or other unique properties are required, please ZIP all 3d files and send them to:


  • 500 x 500 x 300mm Build Volume

  • 10 Million Colours

  • 20 Micron Build Layer

  • ‘ABS Like’ Plastic

  • 84% of Fogra39L and 90% of swop colours

  • Strong Durable Parts

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