3D Scanning & Meshing Software

3D Scanning and Meshing Software

Connect to your 3d scanner of choice and create usable triangulated mesh models for downstream applications such as inspection, reverse engineering and 3D printing.

Artec Studio

High powered 3d scanning and meshing software for use with all Artec 3D scanners and other selected auxilliary devices.

Artec Studio Software

Process, register and create triangulated mesh models from extremely large point cloud data sets. Extremely easy to use auto-pilotmode to make simple the process converting mulitple datasets into a complete 3D model.

Polyworks Modeler

Polyworks Modeler is an industrial 3D software for processing RAW point cloud datasets into usable 3D ‘mesh’ polygonal models.

Polyworks Modeler 3D Software

Transform point-cloud data into surface-based polygon models or meshes. Connect directly to industry based 3d scanners, collect, register and convert to polygon meshes for use in milling, 3D printing and simulation.

Geomagic Wrap

Geomagic Wrap is the perfect software solution to convert scan data from digitisers/3D scanners into usable 3D mesh models.

geomgic wrap

Geomgagic Wrap provides the digital bridge between point cloud data collection to usable, ‘clean’ polygon mesh models for use in milling, archiving, reverse engineering, inspeciton and 3D printing.

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