Reverse Engineering Software


Europac3D has a comprehensive range of reverse engineering software solutions, to convert 3D Scan meshes into usable CAD models in downstream applications.


Geomagic Design X is the ultimate tool to convert 3d scan data into real, feature-based, CAD models

Reverse Engineering

Live transfer of reverse engineered models into Solidworks, PTC Creo, Siemens NX and Autodesk Inventor, means reverse engineered models can be seamlessly transferred into your native CAD system as if they had been designed from scratch with full feature based parametric history trees.


Fast,easy and affordable tools on convert3D Scan data into surface and solid CAD models.

Reverse Engineering Software

Quicksurface has a powerful toolset to convert 3D scan datasets into usable CAD models. Create parametric, hybrid and freeform surface models from almost any shape, enables Quicksurface to be used in a wide variety of applications including automotive, aerospace,consumer goods, healthcate and the creative arts sectors.


Comprehensive single source solution to design, simulate and additve manufacture.

Siemens NX Software

A dynamic and all encompassing tool, Siemens NX allows users to stay within one software environment to design, simulate and manufatcure/3d print solutions. Data integrity is preserved and streamlined, as products move seamlessly through the development process within the Siemens NX umbrella.

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