Prodways P1000S

Prodways Launch P1000S SLS 3d Printer

Prodways Luanch P1000S SLS System

Tip Of The Iceberg by Poppy Field

Sculpture Scanning Service Uk

The Future Of Sculpting in 3D – Scanning Service UK

We’ve Moved

We’ve Moved

HP Full Colour 3D Printer

Ex Demonstration HP 580 3D Printer For Sale

Ex Demo HP 580 For Sale

Aesub Blue Mini Box

Evaporating Dulling Spray

Evaporating 3D Scanning spray – AESUB Blue

Additve Manufacturing Bumper

A New Era of Additive Manufacturing

HP Jet Fusion Re-Inventing Additive Manufacturing


A hidden GEM in Jewellery 3D Printing

A Hidden Gem in Jewellery Production – DWS 3d printers for ‘direct’ and lost wax applications.

Kreon Measuring Arms ISO 10360-12

Kreon Measuring Arms ISO 10360-12 Certification

Kreon Delivers ISO 10360-12 Certification for Measuring Arms