PP 1200 Polypropylene

PP 1200 Polypropylene

Chemical resistant, with excellent plasticity

PP1200 SLS 3D printing material is an industrial-grade polypropylene. PP1200 provides a high reusability ratio, producing functional parts batch after batch and helping keep costs to a minimum. Furthermore a 25% lower buying price than PA12 offers a real opportunity for those companies looking to shift from producing prototypes to ‘end use’ final part production.

Parts manufactured in polpropylene have excellent chemical rersistance and ductility, which makes it an excellent choice for snap-fits or living hinges. It is 10% lighter then PA12 and has a low friction coefficient.

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PP1200 Polypropylene 3d print material sls
  • Excellent Value For Money

  • Highly Ductile

  • Great For Production Parts

  • Great For Snap Fits & Living Hinges

  • Good recyclability

  • Chemical Resistant


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Technical Specifications

FeaturePP 1200 Polypropylene
Bulk Density 0.33 g/cm3
Density Of Parts0.89 g/cm3
Moisture Absorption N.A
Melting Point136°C
Heat Deflection 1.8 MPa53°C
Tensile Strength28 MPa
Tensile Modulus1250 MPa
Elongation @ break (XY)25%
Flexural StrengthNA
Flexural Modulus1150MPa
Impact Strength (unnotched Izod)25 KJ/m2
Shore Test (shore D)72 Shore D
Upper facing processed & blasting, Surface RaNA
Upper facing after finishing, Surface RaNA
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