PA12-GFX 2550 SLS Powder

PA12-GFX 2550

Glass bead and Aluminium filled PA Nylon

 Glass bead  and aluminium filled thermoplastic SLS material providing stiff functional parts with excellent dimensional stability. Ideal for applications requiring high rigidity like enclosures, housing, fixtures and tooling.

PA12-GFX from Prodways has high recyclability which reduces the cost per part and minimises waster production. Excellent chemical and heat resistance makes this an ideal choice for engine components that are exposed to heat, parts for pumps, and  complex end-use parts with improved strength.

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PA12-GFX 2550
  • Dimensionally Stable and Repeatable

  • Extra Strong Stiff Parts

  • Similar to PP20% injected parts

  • Low Shrinakge

  • Good recyclability

  • Chemical and Heat Resistant

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Technical Specifications

FeaturePA12-L 1600PA12-S 1550PA12-GFX 2550
Bulk Density 0.48 g/cm30.50 g/cm31.05 g/cm3
Density Of Parts0.95 g/cm30.98 g/cm31.35 g/cm3
Moisture Absorption N.A0.50% (ASTM D570)0.33% (ASTM D570)
Melting Point183°C181-183°C181°C – 183°C
Heat Deflection 1.8 MPa83.5°C86°C116°C
Tensile Strength46 MPa44 MPa30 MPa
Tensile Modulus1602 MPa1550 MPa2550 MPa
Elongation @ break (XY)36%15%8%
Flexural Strength46.3 MPaN.AN.A
Flexural Modulus1300MPa1350 Mpa2275 MPa
Impact Strength (unnotched Izod)13.2 KJ/m268 KJ/m280 KJ/m2
Shore Test (shore D)NA68 Shore D77 Shore D
Upper facing processed & blasting, Surface RaNA7 µm8 µm
Upper facing after finishing, Surface RaNA7 µm1 µm
Testing Standard/CertificationGB/TISOISO
Resistivity DomainInsulatorInsulatorAntistatic
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