XFAB 2500 HD

Professional 3D printer for the manufacture of direct castings and rubber mouldings for the jewellery industry.

The X FAB 2500 HD is a great companion for small goldsmiths and designers looking to produce a wide variety of highly detailed and accurate models for direct casting and rubber mouldings.

The small material cartridges for the XFAB series have been specifically designed for a quick, clean and easy change over when swapping between materials. The automatic extrusion system means there is no manual intervention required while 3d printing and the risks of accidental leaks are eliminated, creating a fantastic user friendly system for those unfamiliar with this type of technology.

The BluEdge laser technology has been developed in-house by DWS, it is accurate precise and calibrated to obtain smooth surfaces that require no further finishing. There is no ongoing maintenance or adjustments to this laser system.