X PRO For Jewellery

Large Working Area for Peak Productivity

The X Pro range of 3D printers come equipped with a large 3d print bed which makes it ideal for the production of large quantities of jewellery pieces in each build. It can produce models of the highest quality, precision and resolution; suiting larger professional jewellery manufacturers. Complex pieces can be easily produced without design constraints, including smooth surfaces, undercuts, cavities and filigrees.

The unique design of DWS 3d printers which uses a laser mounted underneath the build platform, firing through the resin container tray. This methods has some very unique advantages compared to traditional SLA technologies, the most significant being that this methods requires the user to fill the tray with only just enough resin to build that particular job. There is no need for vast vats of resin material and a unique material can be quickly loaded for each individual build, quickly and easily. Large volume flexible production has truly arrived with the DWS X Pro range.