Somos Peform

Tooling and Wind Tunnel

The latest SLA resin in the Somos range, Perform creates strong, rigid, high temperature composite parts that are perfect for wind tunnel testing and tooling applications. The class leading low viscosity of this SLA resin allows for parts to be built faster,  easier to post process and have superior sidewall quality creating highly detailed components with excellent surface finish. It is the ideal material choice for those applications that demand stiff, strong parts with high heat resistance such as aerospace, automotive and rapid tooling for injection moulding.

Expanded application opportunites for TMG Somos

Perform has allowed Toyota Motorsport GmbH to break into a new area of business for the industry. Through the use of Somos Perform, TMG is now able to produce tooling for injection molding. Combining the cost efficiency and fast production times of traditional additive manufacturing with the accuracy and high definition required in the injection molding industry has been made possible through the innovative characteristics of Perform.
Somos Perform