XFAB 2000

Innovative entry level plug and play desktop SLA printer

Equipped with the same class leading technologies of the DWS professional range of 3d printers, the XFAB 2000 produces highly detailed accurate and precise parts for small to medium sized companies. This innovative ‘plug and play’ desktop printer sits comfortably in an office environment for quick, convenient production of prototype parts.

The patented TTT (Tank Translation Technology) ensures the resin tank wears evenly without localised damage from the laser. The BluEdge Laser technology, as featured in the professional systems, produces smooth walled accurate parts that require no further finishing.

The XFAB 2000 has a cylindrical build volume of 180 x 180mm and is available with 12 different material types including  ‘ABS like’ & polypropylene, transparent flexible, rubber and direct casting resins. The resins come in easy to use cartridges which makes material change over fast and efficient.