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Polyworks Modeler

Polyworks Modeler is an industrial 3D software for processing RAW point cloud datasets into usable 3D ‘mesh’ polygonal models.
This products is suitable for downstream applications such as milling, 3d printing and reverse engineering. Plugins to all the major hardware manufacturers allow for real-time smoothing and curvature based filtering to produce the highest quality 3D models available.

  • Supports Widest Range of Scanning Devices
  • Polygon Editing
  • NURBS Surfacing
Polyworks Modeler Rendering

IMAlign Module

3D scan data is ‘real time’ interpolated to display a rendered surface allowing the user to quickly visualise what areas of a component have already been scanned. Furthermore powerful tools exist to move the 3d scanner into different locations around the part and then ‘align’ the datasets. Grouping of particular datasets and algorithms to fit these together allows the user to view statistics on the accuracy and fit of data, giving complete control and re-assurance as to the validity of datasets.


Powerful module to manipulate and edit 3d polygonal meshes by hole filling and optimising triangle structure in order that the models can be used directly for 3d printing, direct milling, or aerodynamic simulation software.

Polyworks has a novel way to create accurate NURBS surfaces on 3d mesh models, curves are first of laid down on top of the scan following the key profile shapes of the object. The Curves are then intersected to produce 4 or N sided surface patches and combined to produce a finished NURBS surface exportable as IGES or STEP.

Polygonal Modelling

Sector Suitability


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