CAD Based Inspection

Compare dimensions and overlay 3D Scan data in relsation to native CAD Models.

Europac3D has an extensive range of metrology and 3D scanning equipment to enable CAD based Inspection. Compare nominal CAD geometry in comparison to 3D CAD data to identify if a part conforms to it’s tolerance specifications. 3D scanners such as Artec3D, Kreon and Solutionix can be used in a wide range of applications depending on size, resolution and accuracy requirements.

  • Use measurement tools such as Kreon measuring arms to check the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances of a 3D design.
  • Create colourmap overlays of 3D scan data in relation to CAD models to illustrate where freeform surfaces are within toleranaces.
  • Analyse shape deformation of parts to determine distortion, twist and elongation.
  • Utilise CAD overlays to check complex geometry against design or CAD comparison to evaluate deviations.

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