archaeological digital archiving

Archaeological Digital Archiving – London Stone

The latest 3D technologies have been used to unlock the secrets of the 1000 year old London Stone.
3D Scanning Black Chair Europac 3D3D Scanning Black Chair Europac 3D

3D Digital Archiving Hedd Wyn’s Black Chair

Europac 3D were commissioned to create a 3D scan of Hedd Wynn's famous Black Chair.

3D Digital Archiving

Europac3D has an extensive range of 3D Scanning equipment to record and create digital models of any object.

3D Digital archiving for cultural,heritage and creative arts applications. Create 3D digital models of objects in order that they are captured and preserved at a unique moment in time

  • Capture 3D models of sculpture for insurance purposes.
  • Capture 3D models of sculpture in order to create smaller or larger version of original pieces.
  • Europac3D portable scanning equipment can be transported to almost any location to capture historical and cultural pieces in situ.
  • Create virtual museum objects that can be viewed by millions of people online.
  • Capture and 3D print copies of original artwork.
  • Use 3D digital archiving for reproduction castings at different scales.

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