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Artec 3D Full Body Scanner

The Shapify 3D body scanner is the world’s fastest scan to 3D model scanner on the marketplace. A full scan of up to 4 people takes just 12 seconds and a solid model is rendered on screen within 3 minutes, allowing customers to instantly approve their scan or choose to scan again.
The system comprises of 4 high resolution Artec scanners with wide angle cameras that rotate around a person, capturing the smallest of details from intricate clothing, to watches and tattoos. Each of the cameras captures millions of coloured points or pixels as it moves around the person, which are then automatically converted into a full colour 3D model suitable for 3D printing or alternative 3D body scan applications. The software has been made with retail in mind, just simply type the person’s name and press ‘Scan’ – it really is that simple!

  • Full 360º Scan
  • 400K Polygons

Key Specifications

12 Seconds

to Scan

3 Minutes

to Preview Scan

15 Minutes

until 3D Print Ready

The accuracy and speed that customers have come to expect

A one-click 3D body scanner based on Artec’s high precision 3D technology with exclusive automated 3D modelling software used to capture the shape of the human body with great accuracy.

  • 4 Wideview, high resolution 3D scanners
  • Built-in lighting system
  • A high speed processor
  • 3D modelling software
  • Just 3.3 x 3.3 x 2.8 meters in size

See it in action


Artec studio 13

Artec Studio 13

Industry acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning

Now new and experienced users can achieve high accuracy 3D scans.

Sector Suitability

CGI & Visualisation
Film & Television
Short term rental from
Lease Model
Rental of Shapify 3D Scanning Booth

Shapify 3D Scanning Booth
Team of experts to run the booth during your eventFully automatic scan software
Full scan to 3d print service1 Year guarantee live preview of 3D models for customer approval
All day test scans free of chargeFirst 3,000 models free of charge. £14 per model thereafter
The above price is subject to the number of 3d scans required, please contact us with your exact requirements and we will get back to you with an accurate quote.All test scans free of charge.

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