HP Launches 5200 3D Printer series for UK market


HP Launches 5200 3D Printer series for UK market

HP has announced the launch of a new Multi Jet Fusion 3d printer. The all new Multi Jet Fusion 5200 targets volume and production, with accuracy and repeatability similar to injection moulding. Europac3D is looking forward supporting the 5200 within the UK and Ireland markets and sees many new opportunities for this 3d printing technology as HP closes the gap between production digital manufacturing and traditional injection moulding.

In a briefing on the announcement Ramon Pastor, Vice President and General Manager of HP, told press, “The HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series unlocks production opportunities to move them into digital, thanks to its manufacturing predictability, breakthrough economics, and the enablement of new applications.”

So what does the new HP 5200 offer?

In his presentation on the new 3D printer, Pastor explained that the new 5200 series is part of a natural progression at the company. The 500/300 series targeted functional prototyping and the 4200, is aimed at short runs and production.

The 5200 is a natural progression from HP’s previous 3d printer models. The 500/300 series targeted functional full colour prototyping and the 4200 short runs and production. The new 5200 series is the 3d printer for volume production, defined as many thousands of parts or even hundreds of thousands depending on part size and complexity.

The main driver of this productivity, according to Pastor, is the upgraded power of lamps inside 5200 3D printers. “The power of the lamps now is significantly higher,” he adds, “which enables us [to do more with] one pass [of the printhead] and at the same time enable us in the future to fuse materials with much higher temperature.” The series has also been released alongside a cooling unit, which automatically removes a finished print bed and replaces it with a fresh one to minimize downtime.

The range will comprise 3 machines a 5200, 5210 and 5210 Pro. Each of these models has incremental differences when it comes to running costs and the volume of parts required by customers. The 5200 is aimed at around 800 parts per week, and then after this the 5210 becomes a better choice. Also the 5210 has better calibration of the print bed and has the ability to work with a wider range of materials.

Available to order from today, the 5200 series has already been tested by several early access partners including Jaguar Land Rover in the UK.

For more information about the HP 5200 3d printer series in the UK please contact us on 01270 216000 or sales@europac3d.com.

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