PA11-SX 1450 SLS Powder

PA11-SX 1450

End Use parts for Medical and Dental

PA11-SX 1450 SLS powder offers medical grade USP Class VI (Under reference Innov’PA 1450 from ExcelTec) 3d printinf for use in medical and dental applications such as orthotics, prosthetics, surgical tools and drill guides.

Strong and flexible parts with superior surface finish. Ductility, elongation and shock resistance make this an excellent choice for snap fits and living hinges.

A 50% refrsh rate is recommended for medical applications.

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Medical Grade PA11-SX1450
  • Medical and Dental Grade

  • Excellent Detail And Accuracy

  • 50% Refresh Rate For Medical

  • Impact Resistant

  • Excellent Surface Finish

  • Fine granulometry

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Technical Specifications

FeaturePA11-SX 1350PA11-SX 1450PA11-GF 3450
Bulk Density0.55 g/cm3 0.55 g/cm3 0.95 g/cm3
Density Of Parts1.02 g/cm31.02 g/cm31.40 g/cm3
Moisture Absorption1.12% (ASTM D570) 1.12% (ASTM D570)0.85% (ASTM D570)
Melting Point199°C 200°C 200°C
Heat Deflection 1.8 MPa46°C (ASTM D648)47°C (ASTM D648)133°C (ASTM D648)
Tensile Strength45 MPa45 MPa33 MPa
Tensile Modulus1350 MPa1450 MPa3450 MPa
Elongation @ break (XY)45% 45%12%
Elongation @ break (Z)21%21%9%
Flexural StrengthN.AN.AN.A
Flexural Modulus1250 MPa1300MPa2300MPa
Impact Strength (unnotched Izod)No breakNo BreakN.A
Shore Test (shore D)75 Shore D74 Shore DN.A
Upper facing processed & blasting, Surface Ra9 µm10 µm11 µm
Upper facing after finishing, Surface Ra7 µm8 µm8 µm
Testing Standard/CertificationISOISO / Class VI**ISO
Resistivity DomainInsulatorInsulatorAntistatic
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