Dyemansion Powershot C

Automated cleaning of SLS and HP Multi Jet Fusion Parts

The Dyemansion Powershot C is a revolution in part cleaning for powder based additive manufacturing machines such as HP Multi Jet Fusion, EOS and 3DSystems SLS mahines. A gentle automatic cleaning process of large batches of components that literally saves hours of manual blasting labour time.

The manual cleaning of parts represents the one pain point during the process of additive manufacturing large batches of 3d printed components. The Dyemansion Powershot C solves this problem with an automated cleaning process that is extremely fast (around 10 minutes for a full basket), while at the same time being extremely gentle on parts. The soft lining in the basket of the blaster creates a consistent movement of parts without damaging components and at the same time orientating parts to clean deep cavities. Furthermore the ionising nozzles leave the parts completely powder free after blasting.

The Dyemansion Powershot C speeds up the production workflow of large batches of additive manufactured parts and greatly reduces manual labour time, reducing cost per component, increasing throughput and giving a real competitive advantage over competitors.