AESUB Blue 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB Blue 3D Scanning Spray

Evaporating Dulling Spray For Difficult to Scan Surfaces

AESUB Blue is an evaporating 3d scanning spray developed specifically by scanning experts who undesrtand the limitations of standard off the shelf powder/developer sprays. The spray evaporates in a couple of hours without leaving any residue, negating the need for post scan cleaning. A thickness of 8-15 microns gives a very fine coating of surfaces with a consistent even covering. Unlike traditional sprays it does not contain pigments and thus avoids contamination of sensitive areas such as laboratories, manufacturing areas etc.

AESUB Blue can be utilised for a lot of 3d scanning applications, however is most useful on surfaces that prove tricky to scan regardless of scanner quality:

  • Transparent Parts
  • Shiny/Chrome finished parts.
  • Black shiny surfaces such as carbon fibre
  • Deep Pocket and internal corners.