Vehicle Crash Measurement And 3D Scanning

Investigate and document 3D deformation of automotive and rail vehicles.

The use of portable measuring equipment such as Kreon 3D Scanning Arms and Artec Handheld Scanners can be quickly and  easily taken onsite to crash locations or repair facilities. Crash Measurement and 3D Scanning can provide valuable spatial geometry:

  • Touch probe key dimensional features to document positional locations of features and datums.
  • 3D scan crash damage of trains or cars in order to analyse twist, distortion and deformation.
  • Compare 3d scanned geometry against original CAD designs in order to quantify distortion.
  • Record vast amounts of data on crash scenes.
  • Support structural evaluation in order to determine and simulate stress damage.
  • Support forensic analysis to determine location and trajectories of key objects

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