Somos Taurus

High Impact Strength

Somos Taurus SLA

A resin for SLA printing with high thermal and mechanical properties, previously only achievable on thermopolymer based techniques such as SLS and FDM.

Somos Perform

Tooling And Wind Tunnel

Somos Perform

Somos Perform for material applications that require strong, stiff components and excellent surface finish such as tooling and wind tunnel.

Somos Perform Reflect

PIV Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel 3D Prinitng

Strong, stiff high temperature material that is PIV ready for wind tunnel testing, reducing post processing by up to 30%.

Somos Watershed

Clear Parts with ABS type qualities

Somos Watershed

Watershed XC 11122 Clear is a clear SLA resin for those applications that require ABS or PBT part qualities.

Somos WaterClear

Optically Clear

somos waterclear ultra

Somos WaterClear Ultra is an optically clear resin ideal for functional or prototype parts that have an acrylic like appearance.

Somos BioClear

Medical and Dental

ABS like medical and dental applications for non implantable components.

Somos Element

Investment Casting

Somos Element

SLA resin specially designed for investment casting purposes with a clean burnout and high dimensional accuracy.

Somos Evolve

Durability With Easy Processing

Somos Evolve

Somos Evolve 128  creates highly detailed durable parts, designed specifically for quick and easy finishing.

Somos GP Plus

Low Viscosity Universal Resin

Somos GP 14122 is a universal resin with ABS and PBT ‘like’ qualities in a white opaque material.

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