Polydevs 3dprint peparation


Polydevs Pro

Powerful 3D Print preparation software

Polydevs is a powerful additive manufacturing peparation and STL editing software that allows the repair, peparation and design editing of 3d polygon models.

An extremely cost effective software solution for the peparation of 3d print build platforms used in SLS, SLA and DLP  machines.

Poweful tools include:

  • STL repair and correction
  • 3D model editing, including boolean, cutting, and remeshing operations
  • Lattice Structure creation
  • Support for DLP, SLA and SLS machines
  • Build Volume peparation including mutiple part nesting algorithms
  • Support generation and slicing
  • Analysis and Reporting – including collision dtection, wall thickness and trapped volume detection
  • Quotation Reporting