PA12-S 1550 SLS Powder

PA12-S 1550

Fine polyamide powder with excellent surface finish

PA12-S 1550 is an excellent multi-purpose material  suitable for prototyping across a broad range of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, motorsport and consumer goods.

Excellent recyclability of the powder creates economic benefits with a significantlt reduced cost per part. Fine granularity makes for high quality surface finish and detail.

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  • UV Stable

  • Excellent Detail And Accuracy

  • Excellent Surface Finish

  • Fine Granularity

  • Good recyclability

  • Low Porosity

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Technical Specifications

FeaturePA12-L 1600PA12-S 1550PA12-GFX 2550
Bulk Density 0.48 g/cm30.50 g/cm31.05 g/cm3
Density Of Parts0.95 g/cm30.98 g/cm31.35 g/cm3
Moisture Absorption N.A0.50% (ASTM D570)0.33% (ASTM D570)
Melting Point183°C181-183°C181°C – 183°C
Heat Deflection 1.8 MPa83.5°C86°C116°C
Tensile Strength46 MPa44 MPa30 MPa
Tensile Modulus1602 MPa1550 MPa2550 MPa
Elongation @ break (XY)36%15%8%
Flexural Strength46.3 MPaN.AN.A
Flexural Modulus1300MPa1350 Mpa2275 MPa
Impact Strength (unnotched Izod)13.2 KJ/m268 KJ/m280 KJ/m2
Shore Test (shore D)NA68 Shore D77 Shore D
Upper facing processed & blasting, Surface RaNA7 µm8 µm
Upper facing after finishing, Surface RaNA7 µm1 µm
Testing Standard/CertificationGB/TISOISO
Resistivity DomainInsulatorInsulatorAntistatic
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