Promaker P1000X

300 x 300 x 360mm build paltform


Compact Footprint


24 point grid thermal control


Extremely fine laser beam


Large portfolio of materials can be easily interchanged between builds

Prodways 3d printers

Prodways Promaker P1000X

Bigger and Faster!

The Promaker P1000X is built on the success of the Promaker P1000 with the added benefits of a larger build volume and nearly 2 times faster build speeds, making it  a more production focussed machine but still at a great price.

A  platform size of 300 x 300 x 360mm offers increased capcity, while all new 24 point thermal grid contol gives higher levels of repeatability and accuracy. The high performance scanning system, allows the 3D printing of smooth accurate surfaces with richness of detail.

The Promaker P1000X from Prodways is offered with a choice of 9 materials and has fast, flexible swictching. Unlike other systems that are primarily fixed to one choice of material, the P1000X has the luxury of being able to swap easily between builds from the flexible rubber TPU and then back to the regular PA12 without any problems or costly delays.


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  • 300 x 300 x 360mm build Vol.

  • 10 Zone heating System

  • Fine Laser Beam

  • Aeronautic and Medical Certification

  • Large Portfolio Of Materials Available

  • Fast Switching between Materials

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Discover the New Prodways Promaker P1000X

Faster, Bigger and Greater Accuracy

Compatible Materials

The Promaker P1000X from prodways has an open source policy to materials, meaning the customer has complete freedom to choose the right material for thier industry or application. Prodways also maunfactures a large munber of materials in house including some with aeronautic and medical certifcations.

PA11-SX 1350

Snap Fits and Living Hinges

PA11-SX1350 SLS Powder

PA11-SX 1450

Medical And Dental Grade PA11

Medical Grade PA11-SX1450

PA11-GF 3450

Temperature Resistant PA11

PA11 Glass Filled SLS

PA12-S 1550

Fine polyamide powder, ideal for Prototyping


PA12-L 1600

Broad Use – Fine Polyamide Powder

PA 12-L 1600 SLS Powder Prodways

PA12-GFX 2550

Glass filled PA12 ideal for mechanical parts.

PA12 GFX2550


Highly Flexible Strong Rubber

TPU-70A 3d Printing

PP 1200

Versatile Polypropylene

PP1200 Polypropylene 3d print material sls

STARK 3200

High Performance SLS

Stark 3200 SLS 3d printing powder

Promaker P1000X Industrial Addtive Manufacturing

High quality SLS 3D Printing at a price you can trust

The Promaker offers the best price/volume SLS 3d printer on the market and with higher productivity the P1000X offers optimal yield at an industrial level.

Full Service and Support

Europac3D offers the full sale and support of Prodways 3d printing sytems within the Uk and Ireland.

High Accuracy Thermal Control

Fundamental in Prodways’ selective laser sintering process is the superior thermal stability provided by a multi-zone heating system with intelligent control technology.

No need for support structures

SLS 3d printing is self supporting, meaning that there is no costly support structures and post processing time is greatly reduced comaper to other technologies.

Over 25 years of expertise in 3D printing

Prodways is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers, offering a broad spectrum of 3D multi-technology printing systems and a wide range of premium materials.

Sector Suitability

Academic and Research
Medical and Dental

Technical Specifications

FeatureProMaker 1000ProMaker1000X
Build size300 x 300 x 300 mm (11 x 11 x 11 in)300 x 300 x 360 mm | 11.8 x 11.8 x 14.2 in
External Dimensions1640 x 1000 x 1920 mm (65 x 39 x 76 in)1800 x 1000 x 1920 mm | 71 x 39 x 76 inches
Volume build rate*@0.10mm layer thickness0.9 l/h (54 in³/h)2 liters/hour
Scanning Speed3.5 m/s (137 in/s)7,5 m/s
Scan Spacing0.15 – 0.30 mm (0.006 – 0.012 in)0.15 – 0.30 mm (0.006 – 0.012 in)
Layer Thickness0.06 – 0.12 mm (0.1 mm)
0.002-0.004 in (0.004 in)
0.06 – 0.12 mm (0.1 mm)
0.002-0.004 in (0.004 in)
Laser Type30W CO²60W CO²
Laser Beam Size450 μm 450 μm
Precision opticsF-Theta-lensF-Theta-lens
Powder Feed ModeBi-directional powder feed system with two feed cylindersBi-directional, hot feed cylinders system. Counter-rotating roller recoater (optional: blade)
Powder DeliveryModular recoating system: precision counter-rotating roller or linear bladeModular recoating system: precision counter-rotating roller or linear blade
Max. Chamber Temperature200°C (392°F)200°C (392°F)
Heating systemTen independent heaters with double IR sensor & intelligent temperature control systemsTen independent heaters with double IR sensor & intelligent temperature control systems
Thermal Fied Control4 independent thermal sensors24 x 24 point grid system
Weight700 kg (1544 lb)750 Kg | 1653 lbs.
File FormatSTL,3MFSTL,3MF
Power consumption210 – 240 VAC, 32A, 50/60 Hz210 – 240 VAC, 32A, 50/60 Hz

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