Bainbridge Water Fountain 3D Scan

3D Scanning and Printing a Bainbridge Water Fountain

Artec 3d scanners combine to create 3D model of Bainbridge water fountain
Sir John Soane 3D Scan Europac 3D

3D Scanning at the Sir John Soane’s Museum

The Royal College of Art and Sir John Soane’s Museum in London have collaborated with Europac 3D

Sculpture 3D Scanning

Create digital models of sculptures using 3D scanning to capture the finest of details on small or large objects.

Europac3D has an extensive portfolio of sculpture 3D scanning equipment that can be used to capture small highly detailed jewellery sized objetcs through to large sculpture that are many metres high.

  • Fast portable 3D capture equipment that can easily taken to an object to 3D scan in situ.
  • Digitally archive sculpture for the purpose of insurance and future preservation.
  • Monitor physical degredation of sculpture from one year to another and use as a master model in case restoration is required.
  • Enlarge or shrink assets either as a valuable tool within the sculpture manufacture workflow or simply to re-manufacture different sizes.
  • Display sculpture on websites and other media as fully rotatable interactive models. Broaden the reach of a particular piece, enabling many more people around the world to enjoy a particular piece of work.

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