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Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Portable, Lightweight Handheld 3D Scanner

The Artec Eva is a fast, affordable and easy to use 3d scanner perfect for capturing medium sized objects for applications such as heritage, medical and industrial manufacturing.

It is the market leader in hand held 3d scanning, simply take the scanner out of the case, plug in and start scanning without the need for sticky targets, pre-calibration or any other unnecessary time consuming set up.
3D Scanning is extremely fast, with a 536 x 371mm capture window and with the ability to grab 16 frames per second, large objects can be digitised quickly and easily. The object is stitched together in real-time, frame by frame on the screen allowing the user to see exactly what they have captured as the user moves around the object being captured.

Full colour texture creation allows for a new dimension in 3d scanning useful in CGI, museum and fashion applications.

Price £12,100

Or £290 Per Month

Indicative 48 months with VAT Deposit

  • High Accuracy - up to 0.1mm

  • Lightweight - 0.85kg

  • Capture in Full Colour

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Best Selling 3D Scanner On The Market

  • Fast 16 Frames per second

Powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking and capture

Eva is able to read both the geometry and color of the object being 3D scanned. As a result it collects two sets of data by which to track and to perform post-processing.

  • Easier, smoother 3D scanning
  • Faster post-processing
  • Achieve best possible results with geometry and texture data combined
  • Scan even large, featureless objects using color differentiation
  • Option to scan with targets

Artec Eva 3D Models

A Selection of 3D scans created with the portable handheld scanner Artec Eva


Artec eva saddle 3d scan

Full Body Scan

Full Body Scan

Audi 80 3D Scan

Audi 80 3D Scan

“I have tested a lot of scanners. Mantis Vision, Creaform, Faro, NDI, but never used a scanner so easy to use. The speed is oustanding, the accuracy is great.”

“The resolution is killer. There isn’t a scanner at that price range that can capture all the details that we found.”

“In the past I used other 3D scanner equipment like laser heads mounted on amrs and I can say that only Artec technology is able to perform 3D scanning of this kind of artwork on the fly or in hard environmental conditions.”

“The most capable scanner in our arsenal due to it’s applicability to almost any project.”

“Best overall value of any scanner in its class.”

“Crazy Efficient. The rate at hwich you can capture data is fantastic.”

Artec Eva Lite

If colour is not of interest the Eva Lite is a lower cost option that has all the functionality of the full system. Your Eva Lite can be upgraded easily at any time in the future to the full colour Artec Eva.

Price £5,800

Or £150 Per Month

Indicative 48 months with VAT Deposit

Artec Eva Lite Europac 3D
Artec Battery Pack

Optional Equipment

Battery Pack

The battery pack for Eva means that you can scan for 6 hours uninterrupted, without the need for an external power supply. This is a great option if you need to scan outside or in difficult locations.

Bag for Eva

A convenient way to store and transport your Artec Eva scanner.

Hard Carry Case

Designed with Eva’s measurements in mind, this hard case will keep your scanner safe when storing or transporting it. Protects contents from water, dust, sunlight and shock.

USB Cable

A fully tested cable featuring the connector needed for your Artec scanner.

Artec Studio 15
Artec Studio – Industry acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning

Now new and experienced users can achieve high accuracy 3D scans.

Sector Suitability

CGI & Visualisation
Film & Television

Technical Specifications

FeatureArtec EvaArtec Eva Lite
Ability to capture textureYesNo
3D Resolution up to0.2mm0.5mm
3D point accuracy up to0.1mm0.1mm
3D accuracy over 0.03% over distance up to0.03% over 100cm0.03% over 100cm
Texture resolution1.3mp
Light sourceFlash Bulb (no laser)Flash Bulb (no laser)
Linear field of view 214x148mm HxW@closest range214x148mm214x148mm
Linear field of view 536x371mm HxW@furthest range536x371mm536x371mm
Angular field of view30x21o30x21o
Working distance 0.4m-1m0.4m-1m
Video Frame Rate up to16fps16fps
Exposure time0.0002s0.0002s
Data Acquisition speed 2,000,000 pts/sec2,000,000 pts/sec
CalibrationNo special equipment reqd.No special equipment reqd.
Output formats OBJ, PTX, STL, OBJ, PTX, STL, WRML, ASCII,
Processing capacity40,000,000 triangles/ 1GB RAM40,000,000 triangles/ 1GB RAM
Multi Core ProcessingYesYes
Dimensions HxDxW261.5×158.2×63.7261.5×158.2×63.7
Weight0.85kg /1.9lb0.85kg /1.9lb
Power consumption12v, 48w12v, 48w
Supported OS/ Windows 7 64bit CompatibilityWindows 7 64bit Windows 8 64bitWindows 7 64bit Windows 8 64bit
Minimum computer requirementsIntel Core Quad
8GB RAM, NVIDEA/ATI Recommended: GeForce 400 series or better, at least 1GB memory. 300MB free disk space for installation
Intel Core Quad
8GB RAM, NVIDEA/ATI Recommended: GeForce 400 series or better, at least 1GB memory. 300MB free disk space for installation

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