Artec Ray II Lidar

Artec Ray II Lidar 3D Scanner

Onboard Control – Fuss Free Control for instant 3d scanning


Brillian texture capture – 36 MP 3- camera system


Fast – Capture a full dome at highest resolution in 1.7 mins


2 million points per second data capture


IP54 Water and Dust Protection


Continuous Battery Supply

Artec Ray II Lidar 3D SCanner

High Accuracy Long range Lidar 3D scanner with incredibly fast capture

Introducing the Ray II long range lidar 3d scanner from Artec3D, with the ability to  capture objects upto 130m away with metrology grade accuracy and precision.

An incredibly versatile lidar 3d scanner that serves the need of a variety of industries such as Police/Forsenics, Aviation, Archaeology , Automotive , Civil Infastructure and Film/TV industries. Create highly accurate 3d mesh models simply and quickly, utilising the power of Artec Studio software.

Capture large and complex objects by utilising the in built Visual Inertia System Inertial (VIS) system which automatically tracks the relative position of the tracker and pre-aligns station positions. Utilise the remote app to enable effortless control of the scanner when mounting the scanner in tricky locations such on an elevated tripod.


Or £850 per month (Indicative 48 months with VAT Deposit)

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  • Fast- Collect a full dome at highest resolution in 1.7 mins

  • Integrated Touch Screen

  • Brilliant HDR Texture - 36 MP - 3 Cameras

  • Accurate - 3D Point Accuracy at 1.9mm from 10 Metres

  • Continuous Battery Supply

  • IP54 Water and Dust Protection

Artec Ray II Tripod

High Precision For Metrology Applications

The Artec Ray II creates scans with incredible point accuracy and rotational angular precision.

3D point accuracy @10m1.9mm
3D point accuracy @20m2.9mm
3D point accuracy @40m5.3mm
Angular accuracy0.87 mm @10m (or 18”)
Range Accuracy1.0 mm + 10 ppm
Range noise0.4 mm @ 10m – 0.5mm @ 20m
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Artec Ray II 3D Models

A Selection of 3D scans created with Artec Ray II Lidar scanner

Blast Furnace Engine

Artec Ray II Blast Furnace Scan

Truck Scan

Artec Ray II Truck Scan


Helicopter Lidar Scan

Perfect Match For Leo 3D Scanner

The Artec Ray II has the distinct advantage in that it can be combined with Artec Leo Handheld 3D scan data. On large complex jobs the Leo can be used to ‘patch in’ detailed areas and then utilise the adaptive meshing inside of Artec studio which will produce a variable mesh with higher detail in those areas scanned by Leo.

Extensive long-range capture

Capture at an incredible 2 million points per second

The Artec Ray II can capture up to 130 meters away, with a 360° field of view in the horizontal plain and 300° in the vertical plain

Check And Retune

Initiate an ‘in the field’ automatic calibration by 3d scanning the surrounding area, giving security and peace of mind that the absolute best data is being captured.

Certification Of Accuracy
Every scanner comes with cerficate of accuracy to gurantee the highest standards of quality and accuracy are met.
Conformity Declaration

Delivered and guranteed to comply with 11 European safety standards all Artec customers purchase with the knowledge the scanner has been thoroughly tested.

Removal Of Moving Objects

The Artec Ray II scanner has the option to do a double scan, which in turn identifies any moving objects/people and removes them automatically from the scene.

Artec Studio 18

Artec Studio 18

Artec Studio offers a unique perspective on Lidar post processing, as it offers registration of scans and the creation of triangulated mesh models all from the same peice of software and at a fraction of cost compared to traditional surveying post processing software.

  • Colour Capture with Ray II

    HDR textures captured with 3x 36MP cameras

Artec Ray II Onboard Control

Onboard Control

The user-friendly Ray II ensures hassle-free scanning, as basic features are readily accessible onboard, making the process as simple as pressing a button without the need for a computer or any other device.

Artec Ray II Technical Specifications

Accuracy & Resolution
3D point accuracy 1.9 mm @ 10 m
2.9 mm @ 20 m
5.3 mm @ 40 m
Angular Accuracy18″ (0.87 mm @ 10 m)
Range Accuracy1.0 mm + 10 ppm
Resolution3 user selectable settings:
3 / 6 / 12 mm @ 10 m
Range Noise0.4 mm @ 10 m
0.5 mm @ 20 m
Field Of View & Range
Field Of View360° (horizontal) / 300° (vertical)
Range0.5 — 130 m
3D Capture RateUp to 2,000,000 pts/sec
Scanning time without texture @ 10 m1.7 min @ 3mm resolution
0.85 min @ 6mm resolution
0.4 min @ 12mm resolution
Scanning time with texture @ 10 m2.7 min @ 3mm resolution
1.9 min @ 6mm resolution
1.4 min @ 12 mm resolution
Colour Capture
Camera36 MP 3-camera system captures 432 MPx raw data for calibrated 360° × 300°
spherical image
HDRAutomatic, 5 brackets
On ScannerTouchscreen control with finger touch, full color WVGA graphic display
480 × 800 pixels
MobileArtec Remote app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones including:
• Remote control of scan functions
• Settings selection
• Launch scanning
Real time registrationAutomatic point cloud alignment based on real time tracking of scanner movement
between setups based on Visual Inertial System (VIS) by video enhanced inertial
measurement unit
Automatic Removal of Moving ObjectsDelete captured data of moving objects using Double Scan
Check And AdjustField procedure for targetless checking
of angular parameters
Navigation Sensors
Visual Inertial SystemsVideo enhanced inertial measuring system to track movement of the scanner
position relative to the previous setup in real time
TiltIMU based, Accuracy: 18″ (for upright
and upside down setups with +/- 10° inclination)
Geolocation SensorsAltimeter, Compass, Global Navigation Satellite System
WirelessIntegrated wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n)
Data StorageLeica MS256, 256 GB exchangeable USB 3.0 flash drive
Hardware Specifications
Scanning TechnologyTime of flight enhanced by Waveform Digitising (WFD) technology
Laser Class1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014), 1550 nm (invisible)
Dimensions120 mm × 240 mm × 230 mm / 4.7″ × 9.4″ × 9.1″
Weight5.35 kg / 11.7 lbs, nominal (without batteries)
Mounting MechanismQuick mounting on 5/8″ stub on lightweight carbon tripod or tripod adapter
Internal Battery2 × Leica GEB364 internal, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
Duration: Typically up to 4 hours
Weight: 340 gr. per battery
ExternalLeica GEV282 AC adapter
Operating Temperature-5° to +40°C
Storage Temperature-5° to +70°C
Operating Low Temperature-10° to +40°C
Dust/HumiditySolid particle/liquid ingress protection IP54 (IEC 60529)
Accredited calibration certificatesCalibration certificates provided by Leica Geosystems’ Accredited Calibration
Laboratories for distances and angles. The accreditation (SCS 079) is in
accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025 and is granted by the Swiss
Accreditation Service (SAS), member of ILAC (International Laboratory
Accreditation Cooperation).
All accuracy specifications are on a level of confidence of 68% according
to the Guide of the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (JCGM100:2008)
unless otherwise noted.

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