Pro2Pro Invests in HP 4200 3D Printer For UK Market

Pro2pro, a leading supplier of rapid manufacturing services throughout the UK and Europe, has invested in a HP 4200 Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer and Dyemansion Powershot C automatic de-powdering system.  The turnkey package, supplied by UK Channel partner Europac3D, will enhance Pro2pro’s already substantial rapid manufacturing capabilities and is the first service provider within the UK to have purchased the combined system.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer has significant advantages over its competitors with the ability to pack a full build volume of parts (380 x 380 x 284mm) without increasing the 12 hour build-time. Productivity and throughput are greatly enhanced and allows Pro2pro to meet the tight deadlines demanded by the automotive industry. Furthermore, the combination of using the Dyemansion Powershot C allows for the automatic de-powdering of components when they are first extracted from the build stations, a usually labour-intensive process is eliminated, with whole process taking just 10 minutes to de-powder parts. As the only rapid manufacturing service provider in the UK to have the full system Pro2pro are in a unique position to turn around large batches of 3d printed components in the shortest possible turnaround times.

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer
HP PA12 airducts


The HP system produces parts in PA12 Nylon which is suitable for many end-use applications, particularly within the automotive sector and with costs per part at half that of comparable technologies the system offers a real alternative to low volume injection moulding runs in the early development of a vehicle.


Jan Mokrzycki, Sales Manager Pro2pro, comments: “The addition of the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer gives us an extra dimension within the rapid manufacturing sector, we can produce many hundreds of functional end-use parts overnight and be delivering to our customers within 24 hours. Our strengths come from an honest fresh approach, applying a full range or services to help bring products to market to which this turnkey solution can only enhance our portfolio of technologies we offer under the Pro2pro umbrella.”

John Beckett, Managing Director of Europac3D, comments; “Pro2Pro’s use of the HP’s Multi Jet Fusion printer and Dyemansion De-powdering system sets a gold standard for rapid manufacturing service providers, by investing in the complete solution Pro2pro have positioned themselves as a leading provider of rapid manufacturing services in terms of quality, accuracy and fast lead times.”


The purchase of the HP 3D printing system sees a growing trend within many automotive companies and tier1 suppliers; now truly considering multi jet fusion as viable manufacturing process for small batch production runs. Large up-front costs for ‘tooling’ traditional methods are becoming a thing of the past. Furthermore, the demand for more and more personalisation of vehicles that are bespoke to each individual customer has seen many of major car manufacturers, such as JLR and BMW invest in HP additive technologies.

The automotive industry within the UK,  in terms of the production of road cars and within the motorsports sectors is unique compared to other countries by the way that we tend to specialise in high technology and luxury vehicles. Both these sectors perhaps see lower volumes of production, however, have a greater demand for rapid design changes and increasing personalisation. As the only HP business partner in the UK to offer the full sales, service and support directly from it’s base in Cheshire, Europac3D, are uniquely placed to service the growing demand of the automotive industry, as additive manufacturing shifts from prototyping into the full manufacturing environment.

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