The Europac 3D team is now back in the office and reflecting on an excellent TCT Show at the NEC Birmingham last week. We welcomed visitors to the biggest stand at the show where we were showcasing the very latest 3D technologies and industry developments to global visitors and industry experts alike.

In addition to showing the newest in the industry’s hardware, we were able to offer TCT visitors a number of special deals and bundles with delivery before the end of October.

Fronted by our very own director and founder John Beckett, the team was on hand to discuss and showcase our end-to-end 3D printing solutions, including the very latest in 3D printers, scanners, modelling software and post-production equipment. John’s aim was to get users to understand the value of end-to-end solutions, dispelling myths that it’s unaffordable for small businesses due to high machine costs – when in fact, they can be extremely cost-effective for businesses.

We were at the show officially representing industry giants such as HP, whose Multi Jet Fusion 4200, full colour HP 500 series and 5200 series impressed all who experienced the demonstration. The Multi Jet Fusion, in particular, is revolutionising the production additive manufacturing marketplace by delivering a faster and higher print quality at a 50% cost-per-part reduction.

During the course of the event, we were also very proud to showcase the very latest from 3D printing heavyweights such as Uniontech, printing incredibly high-quality resin parts; DWS, whose 3500 and X Pro series builds objects “bottom up” by using a resin vat and a UV  laser; and Siemens, who had a expert on-hand to discuss how ther new NX software helps businesses develop innovative new products or refine existing ones.

In addition to industry-leading printers, we showcased a range of world-class 3D scanners – we are lucky enough to have some of the best in the world, including the Kreon ACE range of portable measuring scanning arms and their incredibly fast Skyline range of lasers.

John Beckett, Managing Director of Europac 3D, comments: “We have worked hard to provide customers one stop shop for all 3D printing, scanning, modelling and post-production requirements and its fantastic to be able to showcase our growing range at the event.  We will also have a team of experts on hand to demonstrate the industry’s latest projects and innovations. We very much enjoyed welcoming visitors to our stand for what was unforgettable event.”

Europac’s ethos is to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all 3D printing, scanning, modelling and post-production – it felt fantastic to be able to demonstrate a true end-to-end results to visitors, who we hope will be able to see the merit of using 3D printing as a cost-effective and precise solution.

Customers who were unable to attend this year’s TCT show are still able to take advantage of our fabulous offers.  To do so simply contact a member of the Europac 3D team today on