OT4 Orthopädietechnik GmbH develops, designs, and produces patient-specific orthoses using 3D printing technology. As a partner of orthopedic workshops and medical professionals, the Munich-based company offers innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, combining individuality with uncompromising quality.

3D Printing for Child Orth0ses

HP Multi Jet Fusion is solving the challenges of DAFO manufacture with the production orthoses in PA11 Nylon, which offers a flexible material, perfect for the movement of little feet.

The process starts with a 3d scan of the patients foot which is then converted in a triangulated mesh surface 3D model. This precise geometry capture of the foot, can then be used as a base from which to design a bespoke orthosis in CAD that will fit the patient perfectly.

Multiple orthoses can be 3d printed on the HP Multi Jet Fusion machine over night and can be ready for fitting within 24 hours. The orthoses are manufactured in a PA11 Nylon which is a perfect partner for the orthotics industry, providing a strong flexible material that moves with patient, while also being strong enough to offer support.

The qualities of HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d printing is one that allows for the rapid manufacture of many multiples of orthotic devices in just one 10 hour print run. Combine this with a low manufacturing cost and there is a real solution for companies operating within this sector.

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