HP 3d printed dash insert

HP 3D Printers used to personalise Minis for 2018

Mini has announced that they are using the revolutionary HP Jet Fusion 3D printer to print bespoke personalised parts for the customers from 2018 onwards

Mini recently announced their plans to add custom options for patrons to personalise the exterior and interior trim of their Mini, including the dashboard facia, indicator inlays, dashboard trims, as well as sill plates and LED puddle lights.   The breakthrough came due to HP’s new revolutionary 3D printer that reduces the cost per part and increases the ability to cost effectively 3D print bespoke parts.

Owners can have their handwriting converted digitally as well as basic graphics which can then be 3D printed onto the trims or projected onto the ground when the doors open via custom 3D printed LED puddle lights.  Using a laser etching technique, the indicator inlays and dashboard facia have the ability to display text, imagery and textured patterns on the Mini Cityscape models.


Thomas Schmitz, product manager of Mini Yours Customised, comments: “Individualisation has always been a big topic with Mini, now we want to take individualisation to the next level.”

HP 3d printed light inlay

HP 3d printed light inlay


The ability to quickly and affordably 3D print car ready parts follows the launch of the new HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200 Printer and the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Printer.   Both printers have revolutionised the marketplace by delivering a faster and higher print quality at a 50% cost-per-part reduction meaning that companies can print parts that are ready for use rather than just prototyping.


The HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D printers are based in BMW Group’s manufacturing HQ in Munich, Germany, where the company is able to produce a finished part in just four weeks from the submitted designs to the finished product being inserted into the customer’s vehicle. Each component is subject to the same BMW Group crash and durability tests as any other item of trim.


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