Artec Gold Partner UK

Artec3D Gold Certified Partner for the UK

Europac3D, one of the UK’s leading 3D printing, scanning and inspection businesses, has received Gold Partner Status for ‘exceptional product knowledge’ with Artec3D, a global leader in handheld 3D scanners. Artec supply Europac 3D with top of the range scanners such as the Artec Leo – the fastest, most intuitive professional 3D scanner on the market.



Europac were accredited with their new status on Friday 17th November following a period of in-depth training, webinars and exams focussing on all aspects of Artec scanners and sales as well as getting to grips with Artec’s CRM systems to administer the ordering and licensing of Artec products.


The new status now means that Europac have a proven accreditation of ‘exceptional product knowledge’ with regards to reselling Artec products and are a trusted partner of the company.


John Beckett, Managing Director of Europac, comments “Artec have put us through our paces to gain this accreditation and we are delighted that our hard work has paid off and we have now achieved ‘Gold Standard Partner’ status. We are now officially a trusted reseller of Artec products and customers can rest assured that with our exceptional knowledge of not only the products such as the Leo scanner, but the company too that we can provide them with in depth information and advice on which products are best suited to their applications.”


The new qualification will mean that Europac 3D are a trusted reseller of products like the Artec Leo, which has been hailed as the ‘fastest and most intuitive professional 3D scanner on the market’. The completely tetherless machine captures 80 frames per second and allows you complete freedom to move around the object as you scan it as it is both a 3D scanner and computer all in one.


To further improve precision, users can point the scanner closer to the object to pick up intricate detail, just as they would zoom in with a video camera. The Leo can be used for scanning a range of objects, from small mechanical parts to the human body, cars, boats or crime scenes as well as industrial manufacture and quality control, healthcare and VR applications. With the added benefit of wireless functionality, built-in battery and internal processor the machine offers an even greater range of applications and freedom to scan.


Europac 3D, headquartered in state of the art facilities in Crewe, Cheshire, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of 3D scanning, printing and installation serving a range of sectors and more than 500 businesses across the UK.  The company offers a full spectrum of services from the supply of cutting-edge scanners, printers and accessories to installation, maintenance and training of staff in the usage of 3D hardware and software.