The 3D industry prides itself on the accuracy that it is able to recreate through the scanning and printing process, often replicating or designing products to an accuracy of less than 0.05mm.  However, to maintain consistency and accuracy of scanning, operators are now seeking ways in which they can remove the potential for ‘human error’ during the scanning process and therefore improve the quality of data being collected.

This issue is particularly compounded when hand scanning small and intricate objects, the risk of missing a tiny detail can have long-term consequences – from creating a faulty prototype to losing valuable customers.  Artec 3D, the market leader in portable handheld 3D scanning devices, has seized the initiative and launched the Artec Turntable to help accurately capture data in the scanning process.

The Artec Turntable can be paired with their Space Spider Scanner, a handheld 3D scanner that boasts a 0.05 mm 3D point accuracy and captures 7.5 frames per second.  The two products work together and are perfect for high accuracy scanning and capturing the details of smaller components.

Powered by Bluetooth, the intelligent rotating platform is directly integrated into the Artec Studio 3D data processing software, allowing for auto-tracking capabilities and the creation of flawless, digitally captured 3D scans of small objects.

In order to capture the detailed scans, users simply need to operate the scanner at the recommended distance while the object is automatically rotated.  The data captured can also be displayed through Artec Studio 14 which analyses the surface of the object and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the scanner to pick up even tricky areas for 3D scanning.

If scanning is interrupted or an error occurs, the turntable contains auto-tracking recovery, ensuring that no data is lost throughout the scan.  If tracking is lost during the process, the Artec Turntable will pause and reverse the rotation back to the exact point where the tracking was lost and once captured it will start to rotate again.

Artec 3D has created a device to prevent issues that usually arise when scanning small objects. Without the Artec Turntable, the user would manually need to retrace the scanning path to find the point in which tracking was lost.

By working with industry leading partners, Europac 3D is able to share the very latest developments in 3D scanning, printing and processing.  By providing our customers with access to the very best and latest products we are able to provide a one stop shop for all their high quality scanning, printing and 3D processing needs.

Artec3D Turntable