Artec Studio 13 Gets X Ray Vision

Artec 3D recently announced the release of Artec Studio 13 – its latest software for producing, processing and editing 3D data at a higher speed and resolution. It features a revolutionary x-ray mode, capable of examining the raw data for any potential issues before it is even processed.

What makes the new features of Studio 13 so special is that they make scanning large or highly detailed objects both faster and easier, even for the inexperienced user. The software uses high-powered algorithms to process the 3D data without any restrictions in terms of size or resolution.

Whilst previous versions of Artec’s Studio software included a fully automated mode for processing 3D data, Studio 13 users are given access to the Easy 3D Capture Mode, further simplifying the process. The colour-guide feature projects a distance map onto a data capture. This informs the user of the optimal holding distance of the scanner for capturing the most accurate geometry and vivid colours of an object, by displaying the data in red, green or blue.

However, the most unique feature of Studio 13 is the revolutionary new X-Ray mode. This new function makes the scanned data semi-transparent by deleting the noise surrounding the object. As a result, this provides a better quality scan which can be immediately evaluated, therefore eliminating the need for any further processing. This process also enables users to quickly identify and missing areas, holes or faults of an object during the scanning process.

Studio 13 has also been integrated with smart 3D rendering which can automatically detect a user’s computer specifications and adjust accordingly in order to use less RAM.

Having access to such software and leading scan equipment here at Europac3D ensures that our customers have access to not only market leading technologies but technologies that are easy to use and provide excellent results every time.

Artec’s Studio 13 Software supports their existing collection of long-range and handheld 3D scanners.

Studio 13 X Ray Mode
Artec Studio 13