Learn how HP 3D printers are set to transform and disrupt traditional manufacturing technologies.

If you’ve been thinking it’s time for 3D printing to live up to its potential, HP is thinking along with you. With HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, we’re ready to show you how potential has become reality.

We spell out the full story in our technical white paper “HP Multi Jet Fusion technology: A disruptive 3D printing technology for a new era of manufacturing.” Read how our 3D printers are making breakthroughs in speed, quality, and cost, and how the revolutionary HP Multi Jet Fusion Open Platform will help drive broader adoption of 3D printing across industries.

HP 3D Printers White Paper Europac 3D

Manufacture parts you thought could not be made.

Fast and efficient with no support structure, allows for HP mult jet fusion to produce complex thin walled objects without compromise.

HP 3D Printing White Paper Harris Hawk Europac 3D


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