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AESUB Blue Evaporating Dulling Spray

We are pleased to announce that we have recently become distributors of the specialised 3D scanning spray – AESUB Blue. Innovated by 3D scanning engineers, this evaporating 3D scanning spray promises efficiency when working with reflective, transparent and difficult surfaces.

Evaporating in just a couple of hours, without leaving any residue, it removes the need for post-scan cleaning of objects. With a thickness of just 8-15 microns, AESUB Blue spray coats surfaces finely, with a consistent and even covering. Unlike traditional sprays it does not contain pigments, so avoids the potential to contaminate surfaces in sensitive areas, making it ideal for laboratories and manufacturing workspaces.

Aesub Blue can be used for a variety of 3D scanning applications. However the real benefits of using the scanning spray are realised when trying to scan tricky surfaces. Such as:

  • Transparent parts
  • Shiny surfaces, including chrome
  • Black shiny surfaces, including carbon fibre
  • Deep pocket and internal corners.

Mark Beckett, Technical Director commented – “We are really excited to be sharing this new product with our customers. AESUB Blue has been created taking into consideration the limitations of standard off the shelf powders and sprays. Over the years we have experimented with many solutions, but nothing has provided overall results like AESUB Blue. Our Technicians are using it and are really pleased with the results and how it makes the scanning process far more efficient.”.

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