3D Printing Bureau Attracted By Speed of HP Jet Fusion

Digital manufacturer, Fluxaxis, is the UK’s first bureau 3d printing company to invest in HP’s new 4200 Jet Fusion 3D printing solution.  The high-tech, high-investment start-up is a new venture from Stage One, the creative manufacturing & engineering services company supplying projects to architects, designers, producers and artists.


The investment will open the technology up to a wide customer base allowing more to benefit from the machine’s faster and higher print quality at a 50% cost-per-part reduction.

The HP 4200, supplied by Europac3D, was chosen for its ability to produce parts for prototyping and final use manufactured parts at a speed previously unachievable by other technologies.  A full build, regardless of the number of parts contained within it, takes just 10 hours to complete and looks set to disrupt the 3d printing services market of traditional SLS parts.

Edwin Stokes, Director at Fluxaxis, comments; “We are thrilled to be amongst the first to back the HP Multi Jet Fusion. We were attracted not only by the speed and quality of printing but by the fact the HP Multi Jet Fusion is an open platform that allows external companies to create new materials with enhanced properties and at lower costs. The next couple of years are going to be extremely exciting as new materials are developed for applications across the medical, engineering and creative industries.”

The new HP Jet Fusion printer, with the additional purchase of a HP fast cooling station, allows for continuous 24 hour 3D printing.  After a print is complete, a build unit can be removed from the machine and immediately wheeled into the fast cooling station, which rapidly cools the parts contained within. This is a huge leap forward dramatically reducing cooling times.

The addition of an extra build unit allows for this to be inserted into the 3D printer immediately after the last build has finished, thus meaning a continuous rotation of build jobs throughout a 24 hour period.


These benefits have helped Europac 3D secure more than £1m in sales in the first six months of the printers being available in the UK, as companies and organisations look to benefit from the technologies.

John Beckett, managing director of Europac 3D, comments; “It’s becoming increasingly evident that these new technologies from HP are going to revolutionise 3D printing and open up the technologies to new and exciting markets.  Coupled with an open platform system we’re excited by the opportunities and look forward to further developments in months to come.”

The print services supplied by Fluxaxis will be looking to gain new customers in a wide variety of verticals and gain market share in the 3D printing bureau industry throughout the UK and Europe.

Europac 3D, headquartered in state of the art facilities in Cheshire, offers a full spectrum of services from the supply of cutting-edge scanners, printers and accessories to installation, maintenance and training of staff in the usage of 3D hardware and software.