3D Scanning Inspection Software

Geomagic Control X

3D Scanning Inspection Software

Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is a comprehensive metrology software, focusing on the process of 3D scan to CAD comparison.
A simple, intuitive workflow enables managers to rapidly understand and provide information rich reporting, helping with quality gains in the manufacturing workflow.

Revolutionise Your Inspection Routines

A new user interface, developed around typical workflows, enables pre-planned and casual walk-up inspection with incredible ease-of-use and comprehension to maximise your 3d inspection process. Fast and comprehension inspection of complete parts or assemblies is achieved for anyone looking to check the quality of their manufactured components.

GD&T First Article Inspection

GD&T and First Article inspection

Quickly create first article inspection reports with CAD based dimensioning tools that extract the relevant measurements from multiple components, every time the 3d scan data is replaced. Native CAD import of 3D models with GD&T definitions contained within the model at no extra cost.

Inspect Multiple Parts & Assemblies

Improve the ability to report issues across mulitple inspections of the same component with the ability to analyise history trends over time and from multiple scanning/probing devices. Undesrtand potential assembly issues with the ability to create alignments that match fit and assemblyof components.

Geomagic Control X results Europac 3D

Powerfully Communicate The Right Data To All Stakeholders

New powerful reporting tools creating graphically-rich content enables managers to quickly understand and learn quality concerns on component parts. Custom viewpoint control empowers the user to create reports that closely follow a traditional PDF or 2D paper drawing. Export your reports in a number of configurations and formats giving full flexibility to create a comprehensive management reporting system.
Nist-PTB certified results give you the confidence in your inspection process that has accountability and traceability.

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