Artec Studio 16

Artec Studio 16


    The power is in the processing

    Artec Studio 16

Super-Fast Processing

Superior algorithms allow for rapid alignment of scan frames, mesh creation and texture application of huge datasets

Real Time Fusion

Super-fast real time fusion means that you can visualise your completed 3d model on the fly. New glossy rendering in Studio16 allows for improved viewing of the final rendered model.

High Precision

Class leading mathematical algorithms, tracking on both colour and geometry means that accuracy is never compromised.

HD Mode

Using Artec’s AI neurel network to produce incredible high resolution scans from Eva and Leo scanners.

CAD Compatible

Meshes and fitted geometry can now transferred directly to Solidworks and Geomagic Design X

CGI Ready

Create CGI ready full colour models with the all new function to combine Artec scans with high res photogrammetry images from SLR cameras.

Simply Powerful

Rapidly capture and transform scan data into usable precise data using Artec’s acclaimed Studio 16 software.

  • HD Mode

    Artec Motorbike Frame

High Definition AI Results

The all new HD mdoe from Artec3D increases the resolution and accuracy around sharp or fine edges.


An essential step in 3D data processing, Global Registration is now more effective than ever. The upgraded tool can successfully assemble up to 250% more object types even when scanning conditions were subpar.

Introducing Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot is an advanced smart mode which guides users through post-processing in a few easy steps, automatically selecting the most effective settings for your data and producing a high precision 3D model. Whether you are new to 3D scanning and require step-by-step guidance in 3D data processing, or are an experienced user looking to speed up your workflow, Artec Studio’s breakthrough automated processing features set a new horizon in 3D scanning.

  • Automatically applies the optimal post-processing algorithms for your object in order to achieve the best possible result
  • Full post-processing timeline, totally automatic
  • Perfect for beginners, a great time saver for advanced users

Sector Suitability

Film & Television

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