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Integrated Battery


High resolution colour cameras


Highest Accuracy Lidar 3D Scanner


Lightweight and Portable – only 5KG

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Artec Ray Lidar 3D Scanner

Highest Accuracy Long Range Scanner

The Artec Ray 3D scanner has the highest accuracy of all long range scanners, which makes it suitable for large volume reverse engineering and metrology applications.

This sub-millimetre precision enables accurate 3d scans of wind turbines, ship propellers, cars, boats, planes and buildings. Class leading angular encoders help produce extremely clean raw data with very low levels of ‘noise’, which not only helps streamline processing but also increases the number of syuitable applications for this type of lidar scanner.

2 high resolution integrated colour cameras enable accurate colour capture of the scene. The system islightweight and portable at just 5kg and it’s ruged construction means it can be used in industrial environments or outside in all weather conditions.


Or £899 Per Month

Indicative 60 months with VAT Deposit

  • Large Range Up To 110m

  • Accurate - less than 0.7mm up to 15m

  • Integrated Colour Capture

  • Built-In Scan Controller

  • Capture Large Areas Quickly

  • 2 Year Warranty

Artec Ray On Tripod

Incredibly Easy to Use and Fast

Built with the user in mind, Artec Ray is incredibly easy to use, ensuring any user can utilise the full power of this 3D scanner. Accuracy figures that belie it’s range, allow for metrology type use for many industrial applications. Lightweight and portable the Artec Ray can be easily transported to location. Then simply mount on a tripod and press a button, it is that simple!

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Artec Ray 3D Models

A Selection of 3D scans created with the Artec Ray Lidar 3D Scanner

Smart Car

Smart Car 3D Scan

Historic Plane

Historic Plane 3D Scan
Artec Ray UK

Portable and Compact

An integrated battery with 4 hour lifespan ensures contious 3d scanning in the field without the need to source an external power supply. A weight of under 5KG means the 3d scanner can be easily carried to difficult locations.

Software Flexibility

The Artec Ray has a number of software solutions, take raw data and process directly in Artec Studio or take into industry standard measurement software such as Polwworks or Geomagic Design X for Reverse Engineering applications.

Remote Control with tablet or phone

Control your Artec Ray scanner with any IOS or Android device using WIFI without having to be tethered to a laptop and increasing it’s flexible usage.

Artec Studio 14

Artec Studio 14

Artec Studio 14 acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning

Now new and experienced users can achieve high accuracy 3D scans.

Sector Suitability

Film & Television
CGI & Visualisation

Technical Specifications

FeatureArtec Ray
Recommended Working Range110m
Ambiguity Range180m
Angular Accuracy25 Arc Seconds
Ranging ErrorLess than 0.7mm @ 15m
Range Noise, 90% reflectivity0.12 mm @ 15 m
Range Noise, 10% reflectivity0.3 mm @ 15 m
Colour CaptureTwo fully integrated 5 megapixel cameras
Laser Wavelength1550 nm
Laser ClassClass 1
Scan Rate208,000 Points per sec.
WeightLess than 5KG

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